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Management Association

Dedicated to the protection, enjoyment, growth and service of American wealth.

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Our Journey

Life is a tent, not a stone house. We cannot escape the inevitable end to our residence here on this big blue campsite.

This temporal, tent-like lens gives us valuable perspective that can guide us in the successful management of significant capital. The American Wealth Management Association promotes the adoption of this temporary perspective and provides specific opportunities to extract the most value from our money.

Here is our framework for managing personal and family wealth; Protect, Enjoy, Grow, Serve. (the P.E.G.S. of your tent!)

Protect your capital;

The accumulation of significant capital is difficult, risky and for many, altogether impossible. If you have capital, you must protect it. Do not let it reduce by a single penny. Unless you are intentionally trying to give it all away (Buffet), you must have the mindset and tools to protect your storehouse. Erosion of capital tends to be permanent. When you have a lot of money, there is an illusion that it will last forever, that even if you go to zero, that recovery will be easy. This is far from the truth.

Enjoy your money;

What is the point of money (or life itself), if you can't enjoy it? Your quality of life can be significantly enhanced when you have money. But there are traps. Big ones. Research shows that improvements to life quality greatly slows down once you have your basic needs met. But it doesn't have to be this way. Many people have learned wealth management strategies for extracting more peace, joy, security, love, and even a greater sense of purpose.

Grow your capital;

Unless you are near the end of life's journey, you probably still have a vision for growing your capital. There is tension between goals for protecting and growing capital because all growth requires risk. Risk management, therefore, is central to your strategic approach for increasing your fortune. There is a wide lexicon of tactics for reducing risk, and the Wealth Management Association is on the edge of the psychological research on this topic.

Serve the greater good;

Giving your money away, or using it to make the world a better place, can greatly improve the quality of your own life. But beyond that, with great wealth comes great responsibility. There is a certain selflessness that must become part of our ethos if we are to end this journey well. Some great wealth managers choose to give away their entire fortunes at life's end. But even if 100% liquidation is not your goal, that is fine, but finding meaningful ways to make a difference makes life matter, to you and those you touch.

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