Private Invitation

For a select group of contacts of Director, Benny Traub

From time to time our Executive Director invites select individuals to participate in the Association in exchange for waiving membership dues. Currently there is limited space for contributors to the Association's investment blog.

In exchange for waiving the annual $195.00 dues, invitees contribute one or more, high-quality articles on the general theme of wealth management.

There are no limitations other than the articles must be original (not published anywhere else) and must be of interest to either HNW individuals who frequent the site, or wealth managers who are members or considering membership.

If you choose to participate, your article may contain one link leading to your website. The bottom of the article will contain another link to your LinkedIn profile.
Example Article

Yes! I am interested in contributing an original, high-quality article of >500 words in exchange for a paid membership in the American Wealth Management Association.